Wednesday, January 19, 2011


It is time to create... with all of the new Art Collections at Camelot Art!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thank You!

I just have to take a minute to say thanks to everyone at Camelot Cottons/Eugene Textiles and...
to my AMAZING creative team for inspiring me to stretch creatively everyday. It is not easy to put something out there that is so different.
Erick Wolfmeyer, Louis and Melissa Collins, Aubrey Hagemann, Shannon Kowalski, Paige Hagemann, Mary Patterson, Jo Ellen Carter, Patti Walsh-Bailey, Carolyn Martens, Sue Rider, Roxanne Pierce, Cheryl Strohman, Aime Meyers, Codi and Elise at Home Ec, Nichole Hagemann, Joe and Linda Rance, Barb Conner, Rose Bergman, Billie Davids, Roberta Williams, Meera Gessner, Joey Glass, Roxane Wright and Marc and Liam Brandenburg.
It takes this team to keep our look fresh, edgy and  modern. This has been a journey with all of you and so many more who keep the wheels turning, the sewing projects rolling and the graphics for advertising and patterns clean and unique.
And thank all of you who have supported our daring strides! Your encouragement keeps the designs coming!
                                                                Thank you so much for your belief in Camelot Cottons ART             
                                                                and the power to revolutionize fabric as we know it.