Thursday, February 18, 2010

How to get your Lulu

When I do a room set, I connect with the product. 
I wanted to put a more detailed post up to let you know which patterns we used for each of our Lulu projects. I also wanted to show you that we used a variety of big beautiful vintage buttons to finish off the duvet. If you can find these, it is a little less expensive and more whimsical than new.
The muslin curtain worked perfectly to filter the light in the room. 
We developed a light tab curtain with the 63"wide unbleached 
muslin from Eugene Textiles. It is fabulous to work with and has a great weight. Every designer is going to want this! You can crinkle dye it to achieve your own style.
Then finally I took Pattern E from Lulu and simply stapled it on
a canvas. This fit perfectly in the salvage oak window frame! Any questions on how we achieve our designs or what fabrics you will need please email me at

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